Friday, Jan 20, 2017

Affairs in Alpharetta Features Indian-Latino Fusion


affairs chicken 65I’ve seen some weird cuisine combinations in my day, but this one, well, let’s just say it takes you where no other before has dared to take you.

The restaurant I am talking about is Affairs (4120 Old Milton Pkwy, Alpharetta, Tel: 678.566.0169).

You know, that big beautiful steakhouse looking building on Old Milton Parkway that sits all shiny and clean in the center of an oversized parking lot?

You know it. It’s the one that changes names as fast as the rest of us change underwear.

I believe — don’t hold me to it — this space started out as a seafood and steak restaurant. But that’s long gone, and lately this gorgeous but embattled location has struggled to find an identity.

I vaguely remember it was a Mexican restaurant for a few days, an Indian restaurant for a couple hours, and a Latino tapas destination for about five minutes. And all under the same watchful ownership.

Without a scorecard, I honestly couldn’t tell you which came first.

But the past is the past and the only thing that matters going forward is the here and now. And that here and now is an amalgamation of all three of the latest hits under the same roof.

Good news for the many who miss the Mexican fare and its margaritas — they now have both again.

Besides an order of paneer (housemade Indian cheese) fajitas, the varying cuisines don’t seem to find their way onto a single plate. You are either there for the Indian food or the Mexican, in most cases.

I prefer the Indian cooking at this one, the Manchurian (Indo-Chinese) dishes in particular. That being said, I have deep abiding love for Indo-Chinese cooking. I have eaten plenty of it, and will say the aloo (potatoes) at this restaurant, cooked Indo-Chinese style, is a as good as you’ll find anywhere.

But there is one dish at this odd eatery that stands out more than any other dish I’ve sampled — the chicken 65. Not your ordinary chicken 65 to say the least, this one is prepared in that same Indo-Chinese style, giving it more depth than any other chicken 65 I’ve ever eaten, anywhere.

The end result is chicken Manchurian on steroids. It reminds me of a dish I stumbled across at Moksha Kitchen in Duluth called Lasooni Dhaniya Murg. But the chicken there served as tender grilled strips. At Affair, the cubes of chicken are crispy to the bite and explosive with all that highly addictive Indo-Chinese flavor.

I could easily eat three of these with a side of rice, and be happy man for the rest of the day.

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