Friday, Jan 20, 2017

Sexy C&S Chowder House To Open Mid October


cs_chowder_house_comingsoon_450x390Rich Clark and Jon Schwenk, the duo behind C&S Seafood & Oyster House in Vinings and Hugo’s Oyster Bar in Roswell, plan to open a third concept sometime mid October called C&S Chowder House (12040 Etris Road Roswell) located at the Sweet Apple Village shopping center in Roswell. A lucky land for a strip center that has struggled to keep restaurants afloat, popular Peach and the Porkchop being the lone exception.

When asked about the food, co-owner and executive chef Jon Schwenk promised a vast selection of high-quality oysters, as well as an array of clam chowders, and even a lobster roll. The kind of food you’d find in New England, and that’s where his kitchen will source its ingredients.

“C&S Chowder House menu will be more feminine than the one at C&S Seafood & Oyster House.” Explains Schwenk. “We will highlight entree salads at brunch.”

The new concept will apparently shoot for the soccer mom set, where the Vining’s location targets the more manly executive power lunch crowd.

They even say the Ralph Lauren, New England-inspired decor will flaunt a certain feminine side.

Despite the differences in the two concepts, you will notice a few similarities. The set up of the booths and banquets should look familiar, the market fish section will be the same, and those giant globes that hang over the booths will be identical.

When asked, why Roswell again? “Atlanta is spread out and Jon and I like to be able to get to our restaurants.” Says Clark about Atlanta traffic. “Moving forward, we will be focusing on an area from Dunwoody to East Cobb — we don’t have any plans to go in-town — there are plenty of discerning palates and money out here to be viable.”

Chowder House also promises well-crafted cocktails, a wide-ranging selection of wines, and of course, craft beer. The restaurant will open daily for dinner, with brunch offerings on Saturday and Sunday.

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