Friday, Jan 20, 2017

Chef Kong To Cafe 101

Chef Kong poses with fans

Chef Kong poses with fans | Photo provided by David Gruskin

Is it just me, or has Cafe 101 (11950 Jones Bridge Rd #112, Johns Creek Tel: 770.680.6462) become a stopping point for big-name Buford Highway chefs in transit? Remember, these are the same restaurant owners who quickly yanked Chef Liu out of retirement and put her back in the kitchen to offer customers those incredibly delicious Shanghai juicy soup buns (Xiaolong bao) that made her a Buford Highway legend. Just before that everybody was asking: “Where’s chef Liu?”

Fast forward to today, and everybody is asking: “Where’s chef Kong?” For those who don’t know, chef Kong started Little Szechuan on Buford Highway as an edgy authentic Chinese restaurant in 1989, which he closed only recently (about 2 months ago) due to what he claims “poor landlord relations.”

So this will come as larger-than-life news to those of us who were longtime chef Kong fans like fanatical foodie David Gruskin of Milton, Georgia.

“This is the biggest news ever,” rejoices Gruskin, so giddy at the news you couldn’t remove the smile from his face using a crowbar. “Chef Kong is the Man!”

The menu itself hasn’t changed much, if any at all. But Kong claims he is putting his recipes and ingredients to the dishes on the menu. And I am certain all his years of culinary wisdom will find its way into each and every dish.

When asked, Kong says “love and passion” are his two main ingredients.

Events July 11 - 17
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  • Theresa White / October 22, 2016

    Chef Kong’s Little Szechuan is now the chef at East Pearl in Duluth