Friday, Jan 20, 2017

Indigo Reincarnated To Open Early September


IndigoCoktail6880_275x412Who Remembers Todd Hogan’s Indigo? His seafood-heavy Roswell eatery on Canton Street had built a fanatical following, before an overnight fire in October 2011 shut down the restaurant for good. Rumors did swirl about a re-open, but that never materialized.

Hogan had his catering business to keep him afloat and acted on a few consulting gigs.

Then in early 2013, Hogan announced his next concept, Branchwater at Vickery Village in Cumming, which opened late summer of the same year.

The new age steakhouse restaurant was an instant hit with locals, in an area that doesn’t have much to offer by way of a culinary scene.

Hogan didn’t take much time getting comfortable; seemingly out of nowhere a “Coming Soon” sign at Avalon appeared announcing a new Todd Hogan concept called Branch and Barrel. And just like that, a second location for the busy chef arrived with 2016. Like most other restaurants at Avalon, the small space is busting at the seams with business.

Now Hogan prepares to reincarnate Indigo, the restaurant that launched him to fame, in Milton early September of this year, in the small strip-slot vacated by SIP.

“The new Indigo won’t be anything like the original.” Explains Hogan. “It is going to be a throwback post-prohibition suburban supper club with classic dishes like steak tartar and oysters rockefeller.”

Hogan seems to be on a roll of late, but is he growing too fast?

Not if you ask longtime restaurant veteran Mix McCrory, the man hired by Hogan to head up front-of-house operations at Indigo.

McCrory brings a lot of experience to the table and is a darn good hire if Hogan plans to expand at the same rate he is currently. In fact, it could be the best hire of Hogan’s career.

His name and face may be familiar to many Roswellians, as McCrory did a long stint at The Mill Kitchen & Bar in Roswell.

“Indigo will be a dark, sexy 1930s-style restaurant with old school cocktails and a supper club feel.” Says McCrory. “What I really like about Todd Hogan is that he wants to keep opening restaurants, he wants to continue to grow.”

So what’s next for Hogan?

Only time will tell. But if things continue at the same fast pace for Hogan, we will have an answer to that question soon enough.

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