Friday, Jan 20, 2017

Secreto Kitchen & Bar Arrives

Secreto_Shrimp_450Alpharetta has made big strides with its culinary scene the past few years, but I believe the area has been waiting on that single hip restaurant to catapult the city to the next level. Perhaps newly-opened Secreto Kitchen & Bar (6195 Windward Pkwy Suite 102, Alpharetta Tel: 770.752.0922) is the answer.

Chef Boyd Rose is the toque in the kitchen. Rose, a Johnson & Whales alum, honed his skills at the renowned Peninsula Grill in Charleston, South Carolina. Most of you recognize the name from his long stint Milton’s Cuisine Cocktails and Cuisine.

Secreto has barely been open a month and Rose is already making noise. I haven’t even made it to entree portion of the menu but I am blown away by three appetizers in particular.

Lamb Belly
One bite of a melt-in-your-mouth lamb belly strip and you will see what I am saying, served over creamy goat cheese grits and a smear of spicy fig jam. This very well could be the most exciting morsel of food I’ve tried this year anywhere.

House Cured North Coast Salmon
Thin slices of house cured salmon are laid out over a plate, topped in the center with a puffy, pillow-y ball of house made horseradish whipped cream, then showered with fried capers and shavings from a cured egg yolk. This is easily the most creative and right up there with the sexiest dishes in the suburbs.

Bank Bang Shrimp
This dish has all the familiar flavors that make a great southeast Asian salad, served with cucumbers and red onions. The so-called red chili glaze isn’t the least bit sweet, or gloopy. It is instead thin and tangy, light and appealing to the palate. Who knows, maybe Asian cuisine will become Rose’s new comfort zone?

During upcoming visit, I will need restraints to keep myself from ordering these dishes. But I am eager to explore Rose’s menu — and my expectations are lofty.

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