Friday, Jan 20, 2017

Wilbur and Rudy’s Farmtable


wilburandrudys_sign_1920x1187Many years ago, back when I was a hip — or, so I thought — city dweller, I remember visiting Zola Italian Bistro (at the original location) and being so amused at the site of families driving up to the restaurant in golf carts.   Now, I live in the burbs and watching people scoot around to the pool, tennis courts and yes, even their favorite nearby restaurant by way of golf cart is the way of life around here.

But Wilbur and Rudy’s Farmtable (850 Hickory Flat Rd, Alpharetta, Tel: 877.201.2601) has taken things to the next level, for me anyway.  No, I’ve yet to see anybody pull up in a golf cart, but I have seen one or two arrive by horse.  Yes, I did say horse.

Don’t believe me? Just be sure to watch your step walking through the parking lot.

This is where I go when I feel the need to get my small-town farm vibe on. The food is always solid but somewhat limited. Always fresh and local, even breads are H&F and delivered daily.

All breakfast and pastries are in the glass display where you place your order, so no need for written menus. A tray of sausage balls should catch your eye, though not for their good looks. Think dense delicious hand-forged cheddar sausage meatballs. My mother used to prepare a spicier, much greasier version as appetizers for parties and big events. I’ve never in my life seen them anywhere else.

You really can’t go wrong with any of the biscuit breakfast sandwiches and all employ farm fresh eggs, local sausage and bacon.

Coffees are even well thought out at this farm stand cafe — all being fair or direct trade and organic.

Lunch options are limited as well. Pick from a just a few sandwich options, grab a drink, sit, relax and eat. Maybe, if you are lucky, watch a person go by the window on horseback.

Wilbur and Rudy’s is more than just a breakfast and lunch stop, and would probably best be described as a modern day general store. Besides the cafe side, they sell odd trinkets, meats, milk, eggs, honey — all local and priced fairly. They do also sell wine, and even offer wine tastings.

This is by far the coolest and most unique little farm vibe cafe/store in the entire Atlanta area. You won’t find anything like it.

And the whole horse thing, well, that’s priceless.

Events July 18 - 24
Q&A with Michael Fie